Churchill on Churchill

by John W. Churchill
An historical monodrama honoring the life of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

A One Act Biographical Monodrama



The Man of the Twentieth Century

John W. Churchill PhD

© John W. Churchill
Spraitbach, Germany

Churchill on Churchill is an historical monodrama honoring the memory of Winston Spencer Churchill. Churchill was a "Renaissance Man"--not just a great speaker and statesman, but an innovator, artist, writer, athlete, stonemason, and soldier. He was a man of thought as well as action. His leadership during World War II was perhaps the greatest single contributing factor in preserving the free world. Some believe him to be "the largest human being of our time," truly: "The Man of the Twentieth Century.

In this presentation, Churchill's genius, his exceptional ability as a speaker, his wit, his wisdom, and his uncanny insight into the future are revealed through selected quotations extracted from his World War II speeches, amusing anecdotes, opinions, and predictions. In that order the presentation will consist of Scene I, Churchill the Orator; Scene II, Churchill the Humorist; Scene III, Churchill the Sage; and Scene IV, Churchill the Prophet.